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School Satisfaction and Climate Survey

Frequently Asked Questions for parents, staff and students

What is the School Satisfaction & Climate Survey?

As part of our continuous effort to improve ACT schools, each year the Education Directorate invites all parents, school staff and students in Years 4 to 12 to give feedback through the School Satisfaction & Climate Survey.

When is the 2020 survey happening?

The survey opens on Monday 10 August and closes Monday 31 August.

Why is the survey important?

Your responses will help your school to identify what it does well and how it can improve. The data will also be used to underpin school improvement practices and inform government priorities, as well as in research projects and longitudinal studies aimed at improving the quality of education services in the ACT.

What is involved?

The survey is administered via Qualtrics, an online survey platform, and is accessible on any mobile device.

The parent survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

The staff survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Students complete the survey as a classroom task, which should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Year 7 students will also be asked to complete a voluntary health survey, the Year 7 Health Check, that we are conducting for ACT Health; these questions should take an additional 5-10 minutes to complete.

What information is collected?

In addition to items developed to measure satisfaction, the survey includes a school climate module that forms part of a longitudinal study being conducted in partnership with researchers at the Australian National University (ANU).

This year, the survey also includes questions about your experiences of Learning at Home during Term 2.

What is school climate?

Key elements of school climate include school identification (a sense of belonging and connection to school), academic emphasis (support and encouragement of learning and success), relationships (feeling valued and respected in dealings with others) and a sense of shared mission, rules and processes in the school, which are important indicators of educational outcomes and quality of the learning environment.

Is the survey compulsory?

No, your participation is entirely voluntary, but we do hope you will help. It is important that as many parents, staff and students complete the survey as possible to ensure the results accurately reflect the views and experiences of our whole school community.

What happens to the information collected?

At the start of the student survey, student identification numbers will be used to confirm the identity of students and enable survey responses to be linked over time and with administrative and performance data. Linking data in this way will help researchers to assess relationships between 2020 School Satisfaction & Climate Survey - FAQs 2 improvements in school climate and educational outcomes and enable a better understanding of patterns over time.

Any personal information supplied will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014. Details about how personal information is stored and used are available in our Privacy Policy (available at Your responses will only be reported and used in aggregate with responses from other parents, staff and students. No personal identifying information will be provided to any school or college

Is the survey available in other languages?

Yes, a shortened paper-version of the parent survey is available in the following 12 languages: Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Dari, Dinka, Farsi, Hindi, Karen, Korean, Mon, Urdu and Vietnamese; to request one, email

How do I access the survey?

A survey invitation, including a unique survey link, will be emailed to all parents and school staff; if you do not receive your survey invitation or have trouble accessing the survey, email

Students will be advised by their teacher when their Roll/Class group is scheduled to take the survey during class.

How do I opt-out?

Parents and Staff can opt-out of future emails about the survey by clicking on the link at the bottom of their survey invitation.

Parents who do not want their child to complete the student survey or the Year 7 Health Check, should contact their school’s front office by Friday 9 August so that their child can be excluded.

I am new to my school, should I do the survey?

If you have been employed, enrolled or associated with your school for less than 4 weeks, we ask that you do not complete the survey.

Yes, the survey results are reported here: Education ACT Publications

Any questions?

For more information, email the Surveys & Evaluation Team: