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Enrolling in a public school

Enrolments now open

Enrol here for the 2024 school year.

Enrolments for the 2025 school year open 30 April 2024.

Questions? Call the Enrolment Helpline on 02 6205 5429

Your local public school has a place for your child to learn, develop and reach their potential. Every ACT child from kindergarten to year 12 is guaranteed a place at their local school within their Priority Enrolment Area .

In the ACT children from the age of 6 must be enrolled in and attending school (or registered for Home Education), until they complete year 12 or turn 17, whichever happens first. Prior to starting school, your child may be eligible for preschool. To find out when your child can start school or preschool in the ACT see the calculator.

Applying for an ACT public school

Online enrolment External Link in the ACT is available for children from preschool through to year 12, for residents of the ACT and surrounding NSW region.

Key dates 2025 school year

30 April 2024 Online enrolments open

7 June 2024 Apply by this date to receive an Offer from 29 July 2024

After 7 June 2024 Expect an offer later in the year

Enrolment applications for the current school year are processed as they are received. See  Accepting my offer for information on how to accept an offer to an ACT public school.

If your application to an out of area school is unsuccessful, the application is sent to your local school (or nearest school with capacity if it relates to preschool applications) who will then send you an Offer Letter. Following this, you may request a Review of the enrolment decision.

If you have a question about your application, you should contact the school directly via the email address provided on the school enrolment contacts page. You can also phone the Enrolments Helpline for more information on 02 6205 5429.

If you have any questions about enrolment or schooling, such healthcare supports or inclusion and access adjustments for your child, please contact your local school as soon as possible to discuss how we can best welcome, support and include your child.

Quick reference links for school enrolments:

How to enrol:

Ready to enrol?

Any new application submitted for the same student in the same year will override all earlier applications and current offers.

What happens after I have applied

If you need assistance with the online enrolment form or have additional questions, please contact your local school or the Education Directorate’s Enrolments Helpline on (02) 6205 5429 or by email