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School Cleaning

Insourcing of School Cleaning Services

From Term 1 2020, school cleaning services will be provided by a workforce employed by the ACT Public Service. This insourced model aligns with the ACT Government’s commitment to ensure ACT Public Schools receive consistent, high-quality cleaning services, school cleaners are employed in a fair and equitable manner, and staff and students have access to safe learning environments.

This webpage is for the current ACT Public School cleaning workforce transitioning into the ACT Government, and those interested in applying for any additional roles within the School Cleaning Service. You will be able to find information on the transition process, timing, and frequently asked questions.

The School Cleaning Services Taskforce

The Education Directorate has established a School Cleaning Services Taskforce to manage the transition process.  Members of the taskforce have been selected for the skills and experience they bring to the project, including cleaning management, EALD communication, migration law, Human Resources, service delivery and program management.

Key activities and information about the transition process

*Taskforce to provide further details on dates and documents required


Pre-recruitment activities

To be eligible to transition into the public school you must be a current ACT Public School cleaner and employed with Menzies or Dimeo on 1 July 2019.


Registration of Interest

All cleaners to submit a Registration of Interest form to let the Taskforce know if they wish to join the ACT Public Services as a Cleaning Services Officer.*


Recruitment Centre

All cleaners to attend a recruiment centre to undergo pre-employment checks, complete paperwork and provide copies of required documentation.*


Onboarding Activities

Transitioning staff provided with an induction to the ACT Public Service and the Education Directorate, as well as training.


Working for the ACT Public Service

All successfully transitioning cleaners engaged as Cleaning Services Officers within the ACT Public Service.

Transitioning staff

To be eligible to transition into the public school you must be a current ACT Public School cleaner and employed with Menzies or Dimeo on 1 July 2019. Staff who are transitioning into the ACT Public Service as Cleaning Services Officers do not need to apply, we will contact you to provide information about the transition process and what you will need to do.

Other employment opportunities

Supervisory and additional Cleaning Services Officer positions will be advertised on the ACT Careers and Employment website. Please review opportunities listed on this site under the Education Directorate section if you are interested in a position within the ACT Public Service.

Further Information

The taskforce has prepared a range of resources about the transition process, including information specific for visa holders.  New information will be added over the rest of the year.

Title and Link Type of documentDescription Publication date
Introduction to Insourced Cleaning Services PDF File (196kb) Factsheet 1 Provides an overview of the transition process, including why and when the insourcing model is being delivered. September 2019

Transition information for Visa holders PDF File (192kb)

Factsheet 2 Contains information specifically for visa holders October 2019

Frequently Asked Questions PDF File (191kb)

FAQs 1 Provides answers to questions raised on the Registration of Interest forms and through the drop-in sessions. October 2019