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Financial and Resource Assistance for Families

Help with the cost of schooling and everyday needs

The Future of Education Equity Fund provides financial support to eligible families, helping students access everyday essentials that assist with their education and wellbeing needs. It supports families with students who are enrolled in years P-12 in ACT schools (including non-government schools) or another approved form of education who meet the eligibility criteria.

Future of Education Equity Fund years P–12

The Future of Education Equity Fund provides a one-off, annual payment to low-income families living in the ACT to help cover the costs of education expenses such as school uniforms, school excursions, sport equipment and activities and music lessons.

The following payments are available to those who meet the eligibility criteria:

Eligibility: who can apply?

Families are eligible to apply for the fund if they, and their dependent students, meet the eligibility criteria. Independent students may also apply.


Applicants must:

You must attach copies of both sides of your Centrelink or Health Care Card if this is the evidence of low-income status that you are submitting with your application. We cannot start assessing your application without this.

Students must be:

More information about the evidence requirements for applicants, including proof of low-income status and home address, is in the Equity Fund online application form.

Application/payment processing time

We aim to complete processing and payment of applications within 4 to 6 weeks of the date the completed application was submitted.

2024 school year applications

Applications for the Equity Fund for the 2024 school year are being accepted. The deadline for applications for the 2024 school year is 29 November 2024. Please apply using the application link below.

More information

For assistance or questions, contact the Equity Fund Team at or on 6207 1818.

Providing students with everyday essentials

All ACT public schools are resourced to help students access everyday essentials. This is part of public education’s important objective of making access to education more equitable for all students, regardless of personal circumstances.

Schools can help students access meals, personal hygiene products including sanitary hygiene items, school uniform items, book packs and stationery, school excursions, camps, transport and enrichment activities.

If you are experiencing a situation that affects your ability to meet the costs of schooling or everyday essentials for your child, we encourage you to talk to us.

Families who are looking for help with the costs of schooling can: