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ACT Education Directorate

We aim to develop and deliver educational services to empower each child and young person in the ACT to learn for life.

06 Jun 2019

Backing the Alpacas

Giralang Primary School students and staff had a couple of unexpected visitors last week.

16 May 2019

The Scientists of Tomorrow

Last week the Science Mentors ACT program was launched at Melrose High School.

10 May 2019

Paige the Warrior

Paige Rule, 5, is just starting to trace letters, play with new friends and learn about the world in her first year of school. Last October, just a few months before she started Kindergarten, Paige was diagnosed with leukaemia, a blood cancer affecting thousands of children across Australia.

09 May 2019

Language of Literary Success

When Gungahlin College languages teacher Angela Rega started writing short stories more than 10 years ago, they were for her eyes only – she never imagined she would get national attention for them.

24 Apr 2019

School Information Evenings

High Schools and Colleges are holding information nights for prospective students and their families in May and June. The details are available here.

10 Apr 2019

STEM careers in the WINGS

Hawker hosts female students for Engineering and Computer Science Day

Families and Carers Hotline

Parents and carers are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher or school principal about any issue or concern regarding their child’s welfare. Alternatively, parents, carers and community members can raise any concerns with the ACT Education Directorate through the Families and Students, Complaints and Feedback Unit online via the ACT Education Directorate contact form or by phone (02) 6205 5429 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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22 Jul 2019

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27 Sep 2019

Future of Education

Every child deserves a great education and the life chances which flow from it. The Future of Education Strategy outlines a 10-year plan to make sure the focus and investment achieves the best future for all children and young people in the ACT.

Teacher Spotlight: Mary Hutchinson

Principal, Lyons Early Childhood School

After 10 years at the helm of Lyons Early Childhood School – and 40 years in the profession - Mary is moving into retirement. We ask her about her career, her experiences and what the future holds.

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From the start of next year, up to 400 three year old’s across Canberra and their families will have access to 15 hours free early childhood education each week plus wrap around services that will begin to close the equity gap. Great stuff! 😀

From the beginning of 2020, three-year-old children most in need – specifically, families experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability – will be able to access 15 hours per week, 600 hours per year of free, quality early childhood education as part of the implementation of the ACT Early Childhood Strategy (to be released in full in coming months). For more information on this initiative visit

#photooftheweek from Maribyrnong Primary School - Kaleen athletics carnival. A perfect sack race action photo! Sack races are apeeling and this student has it the in the bag! 🤣