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School arrangements for Term 4, including end of year events

Home Learning: Resources for Students and Families

ACT Education Directorate

We aim to develop and deliver educational services to empower each child and young person in the ACT to learn for life.

26 Nov 2020

From belief to The Big Screen

From a young age, Monica Zanetti knew she wanted to work in the arts. Monica has always genuinely believed - if she worked hard enough and she persevered - that she’d get there.

24 Nov 2020

Villony Virus Comes to Town

Villony Virus Comes to Town is a helpful new resource, designed to assist parents and carers in communicating about the pandemic to primary school aged children. The book, authored by NSW based clinical psychologist Janice McKay, was based on her own family’s experiences with COVID-19 restrictions in NSW.

23 Nov 2020

The Great Outdoors

Faith Bentley is passionate about outdoor education. In her second year at Ainslie School, Faith is a classroom teacher who also serves as the school’s Outdoor Learning Curator.

18 Nov 2020

Celebrating exceptional contributions to public education

The 2020 ACT Public Education Awards recognise the exceptional people in our public school communities, who have gone above and beyond the normal expectations for their role to ensure all children receive high quality public education and the very best start in life.

13 Nov 2020

Larger end of year events

The Chief Health Officer has announced a loosening of COVID-19 restrictions for end of year events across schools.The eased restrictions mean that up to 500 parents and family members will be allowed to attend graduation ceremonies on school sites.

10 Nov 2020

Leading the business of schools

The ACT Public Schools Business Managers Leadership Summit was held on Friday 6 November 2020, recognising the significant role Business Managers play in supporting teachers, students, staff and the school community and to invest in their ongoing professional growth.

2021 School enrolments now open

Parents and Carers Hotline

Parents and carers are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher or school principal about any issue or concern regarding their child’s welfare. Alternatively, parents, carers and community members can raise any concerns with the ACT Education Directorate through the Families and Students, Complaints and Feedback Unit online via the ACT Education Directorate contact form or by phone (02) 6205 5429 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Future of Education

Every child deserves a great education and the life chances which flow from it. The Future of Education Strategy outlines a 10-year plan to make sure the focus and investment achieves the best future for all children and young people in the ACT.

Rebecca Andrews

Teacher Spotlight: Rebecca Andrews

Rebecca Andrews - Teacher, Black Mountain School

I get to know these kids so well as I become their voice and help them find their voice, and seeing them coming out their shell is the most rewarding thing.

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This year the Early Childhood Teacher of the Year Award went to Morgan Holland from Miles Franklin Primary School Morgan’s belief in the limitless ability of his students has cultivated a classroom culture where every student can achieve success. During a challenging year, it was educators like Morgan who made all the difference. Morgan embraced online learning, his professionalism and flexibility allowed him to adapt to the rapidly changing situation. Morgan made a specific effort to support high needs students to transition back from online learning to ensure their continued connection with peers and learning opportunities. Thank you for your commitment Morgan and congratulations.

“I always just kept pushing and believing I would get there.” Monica Zanetti is a former ACT public school student who has just made her directorial debut with a new film, Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt). Monica spoke to us about her career path and how her education provided the platform she needed to follow her dreams. Read Monica’s story at