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Careers, Transitions and VET

Four hospitality students preparing food in a commercial kitchen at a school

What is a Career?

A career is all the paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you do through your life. ‘Career’ was traditionally associated with paid employment and referred to a single occupation. In today’s world the term career is seen as a continuous process of learning and development.

What is VET?

Vocational education and training (VET) is competency-based learning that provides students with the opportunity to acquire workplace skills through nationally recognised training while completing their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

The ACT Education Directorate is strongly committed to supporting all students in ACT public schools through the stages of schooling and beyond to further education, training and/or employment. The Directorate assists schools in the implementation of quality career, transition and VET services and programs.

A parent assisting their child with their Pathways Plan on a laptop in the classroom

  • Workplace Learning programs enable students to explore tentative career choices against the realities of the workplace, forming part of a student's broader career development;
  • Transition services and programs support all students with their transitions from primary to high school, high school to college and college to post school options.
  • Online Pathways Planning through the Pathways website allows students to reflect on who they are, identify their interests, set goals, practice decision making and develop a plan.
  • The Canberra CareersXpo provides students with the opportunity to compare study and employment options offered by different institutions and businesses.
  • Vocational Learning Options (VLOs) support and engage young people in quality vocational learning in a range of formal and informal settings;
  • Vocational education and training (VET) for secondary students enables them to acquire workplace skills through nationally recognised training while completing their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate;Three students at the 2016 CareersXpo
  • Qualified career practitioners (including a Transitions and Careers Officer (TaCO) in each ACT public college) deliver quality career development services to students;
  • Exemption Certificates cater for exceptional circumstances where it is not appropriate for a young person to meet the full-time participation requirements of the Education Act. Exemption Certificates are required for young people who wish to undertake work-related training and have not completed year 10;
  • Approval Statement applications are required for young people under the age of 17 who wish to follow a training path other than formal schooling post Year 10.