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Volunteer Week

19 May 2020

Volunteer Week

This week is National Volunteer Week, when we celebrate the contributions of the volunteers in our community and show our appreciation for the important work they do.

In every school in the ACT, there are volunteers who give their time and apply their unique skills and experience to crucial roles within our school communities, without expecting to receive something in return.

There are numerous ways that parents can volunteer within schools - both informal, such as visiting your child’s class to help out with learning – to formal, including joining a school Parents and Citizens Association, more commonly known as the P&C.

P&C members are more than friendly faces manning the barbeque at the school’s fete, they are a committee of dedicated volunteers who work to represent parents as one, united voice within their school community and assist with the flow of communication from parents to schools, and vice versa.

You don’t have to look far to see the impact of a school’s P&C. While each committee operates individually, it’s often the P&C who run the school canteen and uniform shop, organise events like fetes and fundraise for the school.

If your school recently received new outdoor equipment or classrooms materials, chances are, your P&C had a hand in making this happen!

There are a multitude of benefits to volunteering to be part of a P&C, from a personal level to a community level. Every person’s contribution is valued, regardless of how much time you can offer, every effort makes a huge difference.

For many volunteers, it’s the feeling of giving back to their community that makes it all worthwhile, as well as the opportunity to expand social circles and build deeper connections with the school and its staff.

Thank you to all our volunteers and P&C members out there, we couldn’t do it without you!

Check in later this week as we talk to some incredible P&C members to learn more about P&Cs and the important role they play in ACT school communities.