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Taking the next steps towards strengthening inclusion

15 Nov 2022

A boy holding a guitar

Inclusion is one of the key principles of the Future of Education Strategy. In a thriving and inclusive education community, all students and their families feel welcomed and valued for who they are and what they can contribute. A strong sense of belonging is understood as a prerequisite to achievement.

Inclusive education means that students with disability are supported to learn and to participate in school activities and events alongside, and on an equal basis with their peers.

Inclusive education delivers positive academic, social and wellbeing outcomes for all students and is key to creating a more equitable society.

A student with a communication device

The next phase of engagement is now underway with the release of a discussion paper. The paper outlines the next steps in working with people with disability, families, communities and our ACT Public School workforce to develop the Strategy.

The Discussion paper is informed by a “Community Conversation”, a process that was run from September 2021 to April 2022 and also a review of contemporary evidence.

This engagement will inform a draft Inclusive Education Strategy to be released in 2023.

Many schools already have great inclusive practices in place and this strategy will aim to increase the sharing of expertise and practice between schools to help build a more inclusive system for all children and young people.

A student using a device

The Strategy is not about asking our incredibly dedicated staff to do more. It is about ensuring the right systems and supports are in place to support our schools so that they can best meet the needs of every learner. The Strategy will amplify, expand, and coordinate current work to ensure we are working towards a common goal, recognising every school has a unique context with differing needs.

This strategy will provide longer term direction and system reform to embed inclusive cultures and educational practice in ACT Public Schools.

To learn more visit the Developing an Inclusive Education Strategy for ACT Public Schools.