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Advice on end of year activities

04 Sep 2020

Formals, graduations and end of year events

The Chief Health Officer has issued guidance to the Education Directorate which sets out the considerations for all schools in planning end of year events, including for formals and graduation ceremonies.

These events are part of the fabric of school life. They celebrate the achievements of our students and families - and it is important that they go ahead. Like all things in 2020 however, these end of year events are going to look a little different.

In view of the risks associated with transmission of COVID-19, this year we are asking schools to consider carefully how to plan and host modified end of year events. These end of year events will need to be conducted in line with the general advice about physical distancing for adults, good hand and personal hygiene, and density limitations - but also in line with the specific guidance provided by the Chief Health Officer.

The students, staff and families that make up our school communities are wonderfully creative people. While school formals, graduations and other events in 2020 might not look exactly like they have in the past, this presents an opportunity for our schools and our students to try something new - to chart new ground and make these events something truly unique.

For more information about the specific guidelines for formals, graduation ceremonies and other end of year activities, visit School arrangements for Term 3 and 4, including end of year events