Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Canberra Public Schools give priority enrolment to children living in the respective Priority Enrolment Area (PEA). If a school has capacity after accepting students from its PEA, it may offer enrolment to ACT students who live outside the PEA. Please note Early Childhood Schools; Telopea Park School (Primary) and Specialist Schools do not have PEA. Further information about priority enrolment areas is available on the Priority Enrolment Area webpage.

Enrolment/transfer for 2017 & 2018

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their child at any time using the online enrolment/transfer form.

Once submitted, forms cannot be altered. If you have made an error you will need to submit another form. If more than one form is submitted any previously submitted forms will be made invalid.

The following timelines outline the 2018 enrolment processes for ACT and NSW resident students:

The Parent Guide webpage provides an overview of the criteria and procedures when enrolling in a Canberra Public School or transferring between Canberra Public Schools.

NSW Resident Enrolments

Information for NSW families wishing to enrol in a Canberra Public School can be found here: NSW resident enrolments.

Enrolment Projections


The policy about enrolment in an ACT public school is available at:

Further Information

Further information about Canberra Public Schools is available at: Canberra Public Schools website.


If you require assistance or clarification on the enrolment procedure or process please contact the ACT Education Directorate at:

Applications are processed by the school/s you have listed on the online enrolment form. If you wish to enquire about the progress of your application please contact the school/s you listed in your application form.