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ISBN: 978-0-642-60616-7 

© Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, September 2013, revised October 2013

Material in this publication may be reproduced provided due acknowledgement is made.

Produced for the Education and Training Directorate. This report is printed on recycled paper. This report is also available online at

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Cover design

Our cover design for the Annual Report 2012-2013 continues our theme portraying the visual metaphor for the Directorate’s Strategic Plan 2010-2013: Everyone matters. ‘Ripples in the pond’ portrays the visual metaphor for the Plan, that schools are interconnected systems like ripples in a pond (Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink).


The Directorate acknowledges the work of the Planning and Performance Branch in the preparation of the annual report.
Publication No 13/1124