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D5 Legal Services Directions

The Directorate complied with the Legal Services Directions (the Directions). The Directions apply to the conduct of civil claims, litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes involving ACT Government agencies. The Directions require agencies to act honestly and fairly in handling claims and litigation brought by or against them.

The Directorate ensured compliance with the Directions by obtaining the legal advice and services of the ACT Government Solicitor for identification of potential non-compliance matters. No breaches of the Directions were identified in the reporting period.

For further information contact:
Governance and Assurance
(02) 6205 9329

Global Classroom Global Identity Conference

Eight students and two teachers of University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra travelled to Paris, France and Diepholz, Germany to participate in the Global Classroom Global Identity Conference. Global Classroom aims to create an innovative network of schools. Each year, a different educational research topic is selected for the annual conference. Students spent three days at an ice-breaker camp at a Youth Hostel in Alfzee in Lower Saxony so as to feel more comfortable working in new teams.

There were tasks to be prepared in advance of the trip including a movie, a timeline of national history, a play representing national stereotypes and an Australian song and dance. Students made a movie about the College and completed a research task focussed largely on the timeline of history as it has contributed to national identity for Australia. They also presented a play about German stereotypes, Waltzing Matilda and Kylie Minogue's The Locomotion as the dance item.

Photo showing students and staff from University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Gininderra in Paris to attend Global Classroom Global Identity Conference