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In 2015-16, the Directorate delivered a significant capital works program, totalling $41.0 million, following on from the $55.8 million program in 2014-15 and $64.3 million program delivered in 2013-14.

The highlight of the year was the opening of the new Charles Weston School - Coombs for the start of the 2016 school year. Other significant achievements include the commencement of the procurement involving a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for the new North Gungahlin Preschool to Year 6 (P-6) School in the suburb of Taylor, the Caroline Chisholm School Centre for Innovation and Learning and the next stage of modernisation works for Belconnen High School. Stage one modernisation works at Belconnen High School were completed during the reporting period with the opening of the new external learning and play areas and works at eight schools in the Belconnen network were completed under the Trade Skills Centres project.

All major projects were either completed or were on target to be delivered by the scheduled completion date.


Charles Weston School - Coombs

Construction work on the new primary school in Coombs was completed in December 2015 and opened for the start of the 2016 school year. The school provides the first community facilities in the Molonglo Valley including community meeting rooms, a school hall with a multi-sport court and community storage areas, facilities for before and after school care and a community playing field.

The school provides modern educational facilities including designated learning spaces for preschool to year 6 students, music curriculum enrichment spaces, a multi-purpose resource centre, a canteen and outdoor learning and play areas. The school opened with strong enrolments of 146 students, including 36 preschool students at the start of the 2016 school year and continues to grow with the development of the Coombs and Wright suburbs.

North Gungahlin Primary School

A two stage procurement process for the North Gungahlin P-6 School in the suburb of Taylor commenced in December 2015. Stage 1 of the procurement involving a REOI process was completed in May 2016 with two respondents selected to progress to Stage 2 -  a Request for Tender (RFT) process. Commencement of design of the school through an interactive tender process commenced during the reporting period.

The school is to be delivered under a Design Construct Maintain (DCM) construction methodology building on the successful DCM delivery of the recent Charles Weston School - Coombs which achieved considerable innovation in design and construction and delivered a value for money outcome for the Territory.


Caroline Chisholm School Centre for Innovation and Learning

The project is to provide for the establishment of a focal point for student learning, teacher professional development and community use to deliver the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. The new centre will support students attending Caroline Chisholm School and public schools in the Tuggeranong Network, teachers from across the ACT public education system and members of the local community.

Milestones achieved during the reporting period include the development of the functional design brief, the commencement of the design and procurement activities for the engagement of consultants and the builder.

Belconnen High School Modernisation

Construction of the outdoor learning and play space was completed during the reporting period.
Procurement, design and consultation phases for the Stage 2 modernisation works commenced with the appointment of the design team and the request for expressions of interest for the builder. The project includes major refurbishments to the student learning and teaching spaces, further outdoor works and the creation of a new school administration and main entry area.

Trade Skills Centre - Belconnen Network

The Australian Government approved a grant in January 2013 to establish the Belconnen Trade Skills Centre in the Belconnen school network. At the end of the reporting period, new facilities were completed at the University of Canberra Secondary College Lake Ginninderra, Hawker College, Kingsford Smith School, Canberra High School, Belconnen High School, the University of Canberra High School Kaleen and Melba Copland Secondary School (Melba and Copland sites). The facilities provided across the eight sites include hospitality, construction and horticulture.


School Upgrades and New School Facilities

Works completed in the 2015-16 year included:

Building Compliance Upgrades

Building compliance upgrades and modifications completed during the report period included:

Environmental Sustainability

As capital works are undertaken at public schools, including new facilities, building upgrades and refurbishments, opportunities are taken to improve the energy efficiency and water conservation of these spaces. A total of $0.525 million was allocated from the schools capital upgrades program during the reporting period to support the Directorate’s strategic priorities for environmental sustainability initiatives.

Refer to Section B9 for an overview of the projects and policies implemented during the 2015-16 reporting period.


The Directorate’s capital works management program for 2015-16, detailing the completed projects and works still
in progress at the year end is shown in Table C3.1.


Project Original Project Value
Revised Project Value
Prior Year Expenditure
Actual Finance 2015-16
Actual Expenditure 2015-16
Total Expenditure to Date
Estimated Completion date  Actual Completion date Project Approval Year
Schools for the Future - Caroline Chisholm School - Centre for Innovation and learning 5,896 5,896 0 231 239 239 Dec-17   2015-16
Schools for the Future - Modernising Belconnen High 17,627 17,627 0 1,085 1,128 1,128 Feb-18   2015-16
Schools for the Future - North Gungahlin and Molonglo 28,609 28,609 0 461 484 484 Feb-19   2015-16
Older School Upgrades 2,680 2,567 0 2,346 2,655 2,655 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
External Learning and Playground Upgrades 1,190 1,190 0 391 387 387 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Administration and Support Area Improvement 2,020 1,600 0 1,589 1,422 1,422 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Learning Area Improvements 2,590 1,418 0 2,519 1,593 1,593 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
Disability Access Compliance 950 857 0 915 919 919 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Security Improvements 240 240 0 241 240 240 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Safety Improvements 890 890 0 897 887 887 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
Environmentally Sustainable Design Initiatives 425 347 0 410 391 391 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Joint Funded Projects 740 628 0 623 532 532 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Revitalisation - Roof Replacement Program 1,800 1,711 0 1,785 1,898 1,898 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
School Revitalisation - Infrastructure Master Plans 690 690 0 309 315 315 Jun-16 Jun-16 2015-16
Total New Works 66,347 64,270 0 13,802 13,090 13,090    
Project Original Project Value
Revised Project Value
Prior Year Expenditure
Actual Finance 2015-16
Actual Expenditure 2015-16
Total Expenditure to Date
Estimated completion date Actual completion date Project Approval Year
Hazardous Material Removal Program - Stage 3 3,000 3,000 728 1,287 1,288 2,016 Jun-17   2014-15
Carbon Neutral Schools - Stage 1 3,500 3,500 2,463 818 824 3,287 Jun-16   2012-13
Coombs P-6 School Construction Funding 0 36,620 17,773 16,830 16,954 34,727 Jan-16 Dec-15 2013-14
Belconnen Trade Skill Centres 8,120 8,120 2,341 5,244 5,265 7,606 Jun-16 Dec-15 2013-14
Sustainable Learning Trade Training Centres - Tuggeranong 10,207 8,301 8,225 23 23 8,248 Apr-14 Dec-14 2011-12
Total Work In Progress 24,827 59,541 31,530 24,202 24,354 55,884    
Belconnen High School Modernisation - Stage 1 2,000 2,000 1,397 372 603 2,000 Jun-15 Dec-15 2013-14
Canberra College Cares - New Building at Phillip Campus 14,000 13,100 12,870 218 214 13,084 Feb-15 Feb-15 2013-14
Installation and artificial grass surfaces - Stage 1 2,300 2,670 2,590 80 80 2,670 Apr-13 Apr-13 2011-12
Gungahlin College 60,700 76,707 74,396 2,267 2,297 76,693 Mar-11 Mar-11 2007-08
Neville Bonner Primary School 60,270 41,270 41,240 48 13 41,264 Dec-13 Jan-14 2011-12
West Macgregor Development - Macgregor Primary School Expansion 5,650 5,899 5,899 25 0 5,899 Oct-13 Sep-13 2011-12
Total Projects Completed 144,920 141,646 138,392 3,010 3,207 141,610    
TOTAL CAPITAL WORKS PROGRAM  2015-16 236,094265,457169,922 41,014 40,651 210,584    


Reconciliation of total current year financing 2015-16 $'000
Total current year capital works financing 35,770
Add: Financing of other capital initiatives 12,545
Capital Injection from Government per Cash flow statement 48,315
Reconciliation of Total Current Year Actual Expenditure - against financing  
Total current year capital works expenditure 35,255
Total current year capital initiatives expenditure 17,034
Add Net Impact of accruals between financial years 1,011
Less: Capital purchases funded outside of Capital Injections -4,985
Capital Injection from Government per Cash flow statement 48,315
Reconciliation of Total Current Year Actual Expenditure  
Total current year capital works expenditure 35,255
Total current year capital initiatives expenditure 12,764
Add: Other asset purchases outside of capital works program 4,271
Add: Net Impact of accruals between financial years 1,011
Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment as per Cash Flow Statement 53,301

Source: Education Directorate

For more information contact:
Infrastructure and Capital Works
(02) 6207 6541

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