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F1. Investigation of Complaints

Community Feedback

During the 2016-17 reporting period the Education Directorate logged over 1,300 items of feedback comprising notifications, suggestions, requests for information and service, compliments received in writing and complaints received in writing and by phone.

The Directorate’s handling of written feedback is recorded in an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. The CRM tool allows members of the community to directly lodge their feedback with the Directorate, receive a tracking code for their feedback, and specify whether the feedback was related to a request for information, a request for service, a compliment or a complaint. The CRM tool allowed the Directorate to ensure that all written feedback received a response either by the Education Support Office or by the relevant ACT public school.

Feedback is also provided directly to schools and to individual teams within the Directorate. This feedback is generally responded to directly by the relevant school or area. In some cases, the feedback may need to be escalated to the Directorate’s Complaints and Liaison Unit for a response. These escalated cases are recorded in the CRM database and included in the count of items described earlier in this section.

Feedback about ACT Public Schools

The more than 1,300 CRM records logged during the period included 249 complaints and 491 other items of feedback about ACT public schools.

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