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Excellence is at the centre of our operations. Children and families choose the ACT public school system based firmly on the quality of educational experience our programs offer and the numerous opportunities we provide for students to excel. We value honesty, excellence, fairness and respect. We believe these values are essential enablers for a school environment that places each and every child and young person and their learning at the centre of our educational programs.
The Education and Training Directorate (the Directorate) provides services to children and young people both directly through public schools and indirectly through regulation of non-government schools and home education, and to people of all ages through the planning and coordination of vocational education and training (VET) in the ACT.

Our vision

Our vision is that all young people in the ACT learn, thrive and are equipped with the skills to lead fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.

Our values

Our values are honesty, excellence, fairness and respect.

Our priorities

We will ensure student success through:

Our commitments

We are committed to:

Our achievements

Our achievements in 2011-12 were:

Our business

In 2011-12, our business featured: